Alumni Gathering

The Alumni Gathering will be on the weekend of August 10th -12th, 2018


10-12 pm: registration
12-1: lunch on own (bring a picnic!)
1-1:30: Camp Store open
1:30: Director’s Chat / Auction
3:00: Activity (Pool? Hike? Game?)
5:00: Campfire Stew competition starts**
6:00: Dinner
7:00 : All Camp Game… Counselor Hunt???
8:30: Family Campfire
9:30: Adult Campfire
** if you would like to sign up for the competition, please sign up with the registration.


8:45: Flag Raising
9:00: Breakfast (leftovers from season)
10-noon: Work Project

If you are interested, sign up here!

sign up!