2nd Annual Campfire Stew Cook Off

Contestants will be challenged to create a “Campfire Stew ” in the old tradition of the 4-H Camp. In days of old, we would divide the children up and cook a stew over the fire at each campfire ring. Staff would add their own special ingredients to the original set of fixins to create a culinary delight for their campers. We are hoping to recreate this for dinner on Saturday.

Participants will need to supply the ingredients to make a stew to serve up to a “tribe” of people (around 20).

Camp will supply the fire rings, fire wood, matches, paper bowls, plastic spoons, Bug Juice and hamburger rolls.  Camp has a limited supply of pots- so first come- first serve! Don’t forget to soap the outside of the pot before cooking!

You can bring a small coleman stove if you prefer that method over a campfire.

Each Campfire Stew crews will need to have a Tribe name to identify your stew by. All campfire rings will be located in the Rec Field. Guests will each receive three “tickets” that they will use to vote on their favorite recipe.  The stew with the most votes win the infamous Gold left handled ladle of Happiness.

To enter please make a note on your registration or send a quick email to jim@campsacandaga.com

Chef Cathie Peck’s Famous Campfire Stew Recipe 

1/2 cup dehydrated onions
1 pound sliced bacon*
2.5 pounds lean ground beef
2 cans (51-ounce) vegetable beef soup
1 can (50-ounce) tomato soup
canned vegetables, drained*

1. Build campfire and create a good bed of hot coals.
2. Add 1 cup warm water to the onions, stir and let stand.
3. Use a tablespoon of dish detergent and soap the outside of the cooking pot.
4. Cut bacon strips in half and place in the bottom of the pot.
Place pot over coals and cook the bacon.
Stir gently to cook the bacon evenly and prevent burning.
Drain the grease, keeping well away from hot coals and open flames.
5. Drain liquid excess liquid from the onions and carefully add to the bacon.
6. Continue to stir until the onions are transparent and tender.
7. Add the ground beef and continue to stir.
8. When the meat is browned, add soups and optional canned vegetables.
9. Heat the mixture and serve on Hamburg buns. Serves 2 tribes.
10. Remove pot from heat and soak as soon as possible.

The addition of bacon to the original recipe is an optional ingredient.

Some counselors have requested the following additions to their stew:
Canned potatoes Canned kidney beans
Canned corn Canned peas
Canned carrots Canned beans
For best results drain the ingredients before adding to the stew.

Don’t forget to soap the outside bottom of the pan before you put it on the fire!!!